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Launched in 2020 BRALETTE is a Cyprus-based Women ready-to-wear brand, founded by fashion editor and former stylist Nicole Zeniou, that exclusively designs handmade pearl beaded statement pieces called bralettes.


The bralettes are made using acrylic and glass pearls. They are inspired by traditional Cypriot embroidery, weaving and crochet. 


The brand aims to provide a heavy dose of unconditional magic to womens' daily lives by elevating their outfits as they leave a little sparkle wherever they go. We strongly believe that fashion is pure poetry and fashion is pure magic. 

The brand is inspired by strong women. The Bralette Woman, is strong but soft and feminine and feather like at the same time. A force of nature and a quiet power in constant search of unconditional magic. We are all about that woman who knows how to own it and has the confidence to just be, impeccably herself. 


Because there is no one quite like you,

and that darling,

is magic.

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