Moonlight White Pearl Beaded Bralette is made entirely of 8mm off-white 8mm acrylic pearl beads with a high lustre. A pure, elegant, statement piece to elevate any outfit. 

Moonlight Halter Neck

SKU: 0014
Color: off-white
  • Please allow between 7-14 days for your order to be made



    Can be worn as a top on its own or over suits, shirts, t-shirts

    Can also be used as a bridal/ bridesmaids top 

    Can be worn front or back 


    All designs are exclusively designed and handmade by BRALETTE and carry our signature logo and imitation diamond bead handwoven on each piece.



    Each piece is unique and fragile, handle with care.

    Gentle handwash in cold water. No detergent.

    Discolouration might occur.